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Refugee Night!

Published: August 7, 2019

Assalamu alaikum! Today was a nice cool day that was a relief after several hot days. Villagers continued to attend their mughamarat (adventure classes), their arts and sports time, and their istikshaf (exploration) sessions. For our evening program, we held a simulation of what refugees might experience as they seek a safe haven in other countries.

In the arts and sports time, villagers continued to work on their clay projects and fans, had cooking competitions, danced, and played soccer.

the starting ingredients!




















the final product!










and the taste test!










Meanwhile, in istikshaf, villagers learned about topics related to the environment. For example, one section learned about mushrooms, while the other learned about global warming and its effect on the environment.

painting the tiniest mushrooms!










the tiniest!










showing the trees some love!










Finally, in our evening program, villagers moved through several stations as refugees, where they had their passports checked and stamped, went through health checks where they had to jump through hoops like doing jumping jacks, and played several games in order to be admitted into another country.

Villagers were often told to line up to get their passports checked:



They were stopped by the police:


They were also told to complete various tasks or play games as obstacles to their admission into various countries:




Following the evening program, we gathered by the campfire to debrief, then headed to our cabins for cabin council and bed!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow, inshallah!

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