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ping-pong, love polygons, and i-day preparation

Published: August 10, 2017

Today’s flag of the day: Bahrain! For breakfast, we had tasty foul mudammas (crushed fava beans with olive oil, lemons and tomatoes), eggs, yogurt and bananas!

Afterward, some of us headed to the cabins to clean up, while others cleaned up the dining hall and sitting room beneath, which we call al-Quds and al-Qahira, respectively, or the naadi (gym).

Then, it was time for the mughamarat (our classes, which we like to call “adventures”). Today’s mughamarat focused on emotions, for example, hazeen (sad), sa’eed (happy), kha’if (scared) and zahqan (bored).

charades to learn emotions vocabulary










One of the credit mughamarat also focused on designing a brochure for made-up tourism companies!

discussing vacation packages










During the arts period, the villagers continued to work on their calligraphy pieces, on making candle holders for the candle-making class or on preparing in their Global Summit teams for International Day (I-day). The two nations that al-Waha will represent this year are Palestine and Lebanon.

calligraphers at work!










a khat 'arabi (calligraphy) connoisseur already!










choosing paint and glitter colors for the candle-holders!










candle-holders are ready to hold their candles!










a thought-provoking discussion










Following the arts period, villagers headed either to the mal’ab (soccer field) for a soccer game or to the naadi for basketball, ping-pong, frisbee and more!

he shoots, he scores!










intense focus at the ping-pong corner










...because frisbee on two legs isn't hard enough










cards (but no gambling!) at the gym










In the musalsal (drama) today, Sameer, previously Sameera, meets with Waseem to ask for work. Unfortunately, Waseem says that he does not require more workers.

Sameer searching for work










Sameer begs and pleads, and so Waseem, because he can afford to, decides to hire Sameer to woo Assma for him. After some hesitation, Sameer agrees to do so.

Sameer begging Waseem for work










After Waseem leaves, Sameer(a) thinks to herself that Waseem is a pretty nice guy. Sadly, Waseem thinks she is a dude, not a dudette!

Sameer in love










Sameer goes to Assma to deliver Waseem’s message, which, more or less, is that Waseem wants to buy her a ton of stuff and houses and have many beautiful children with her.

Assma receives a letter from Sameer on Waseem's behalf










Assma pays no attention to this message, because she is in the middle of falling in love with Sameer. Sameer feels very awkward and quickly leaves.

a quick exit by Sameer










Assma decides to cry for only seven days instead of for seven years because of her blossoming feelings towards Sameer. Meanwhile, Hashim gets angry, because he believes that only he has the right to take Assma and her money.

Assma decides to stop mourning! Let the revelry begin!










What happens next?! Tune in tomorrow!

For dinner, we had samak ma’li (fried fish), salata (salad) with zeitoon (olives) and feta cheese, and cubed sweet potatoes.

mouth-watering samak ma'li










salad greens with a rich, juicy taste!










the sweetest of sweet potatoes!










We also watched a Peter Pan-themed dinner presentation by one of our credit classes:

For the evening program, we held stations to inform villagers about I-day. One station told the villagers what they would need to bring to I-day (their bitaqa’s (name tags) and money, for example), and taught them about good sportsmanship.

good sportsmanship makes for a good time!










At another station, villagers thought about what song they might like to teach at I-day.

our brilliant assistant dean teaching a song!










At a third station, villagers learned how to haggle with fruit merchants. If they sing, they can get a discount!

a fruit stand at al-Quds!










After rotating through these three stations, the al-Waha I-day dance team headed to the gym to practice their dance to the song “Etganen.” The dance, which was choreographed by two of our counselors, is a commentary on Islamophobia in the United States!

everyone in opening poses!










The Global Summit team remained in the dining hall to prepare their arguments.

the Palestinian and Lebanese delegations drafting their opening statements!










The rest of the villagers headed to the beach for a quasi-volleyball game, in which teams took turns throwing the ball over the net. If a villager caught the ball with two hands or one, he or she was safe (and received more points for catching it with one hand). However, if the villager touched the ball but could not catch it, he or she was out.

a stormy backdrop  to the quasi-volleball game










At the conclusion of the game, all of the villagers gathered by the fire for the good night song. Then we all headed to our cabins for showers and sleep.

I-day prep night