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Our Second Opening Day!

Published: August 6, 2019

Sabah il khair, Al-Wāḥa! Today marked the arrival of our second set of two-week villagers! We were all very excited to see some returning villagers as well as some new faces!

Upon their arrival, villagers were led through several stations including a name-choosing station, a bitaaqa (name tag) station, the nurse's station, the bank, the dukkan (store), customs, and a language exam station. What distinguished this opening day from the previous one is that our credit villagers took charge and led the new two-week villagers through the stations.

at the welcoming station!










columns and columns of names to choose from!










at the bitaaqa station!










with her finished bitaaqa!










In the evening program, villagers visited several stations to give them more informatin about safety rules and expectations for different places at Al-Wāḥa.

at the nurse's!










in Al-Quds (our dining hall)!










at the beach!










at the dukkan!










And a demonstration at the dukkan:


Following this informative evening program, we headed to the campfire, and then to bed!

Thank you for reading! We'll see you tomorrow!

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