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يوم الافتتاح Opening Day

Published: July 22, 2009

At the check-in station, villagers chose an Arabic name and had their passports stamped

Our session got off to a great start on opening day, with 46 two-week and credit villagers stamping their passports and choosing an Arabic name to use at Al-Waha. Villagers went through a number of stations before moving into their بيوت. All villagers had to pass through customs, where “contraband” like food, electronics, and English-language books were confiscated. Next they took a language test, exchanged their American dollars for Jordanian dinars at المصرف, visited the nurse, made a بطاقة, and took the swimming test. We also had the store open throughout the afternoon. Finally, after completing all the stations, they settled in to their cabins. Cabins are named after cities in the Arab world an include: Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Al-Manama, Rabat, Abu Dhabi, and Tripoli.

At dinner, we learned to sing جوعانين before entering the dining hall, القدس. We also sang before eating chicken, rice, and green beans. Our evening program, or سهر الليالي, introduced villagers to Al-Waha. We learned how to get money from the bank, buy things from the store, check for ticks, use the buddy board while swimming, and sing to enter the dining hall. Villagers also got to meet our dean, Emad. Finally, we gathered together to sing وقت النوم and held Cabin Council before tumbling into bed.

We look forward to a great session!