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on Arab etiquette and at least three other things!

Published: August 7, 2019

Marhaban! Welcome to our blog! Today, we began preparations for International Day (this Friday!!!) with the villagers and learned about etiquette in the Arab world!

The two-week villagers started off their day with mughamarat (adventures), where they get the most direct Arab language instruction. 

working on name tags in a lesson about introductions!










answering questions while watching a cartoon in Arabic!










an end of lesson review session!











This week's musalsal (daily soap opera) is especially exciting as it is written and acted in by our credit villagers! Today in the musalsal,  a shepherdess Rabab Hood loses her camels and looks for a  new job. Unfortunately, she's quite terrible at being a tailor, a cook, and a counselor. Eventually, she meets Robin Hood as he is robbing the rich and asks him for help stealing back her camels.

Rabab loses her camels...










the tailor not satisfied with Rabab's work...










Rabab getting scolded for speaking English as a counselor at Arabic camp...










Robin Hood about to rob two rich people on a walk...










During the arts and sports period, villagers started on their tagine pots, made hand fans, and worked on the I-Day dance, among other activities.

making the lid of the pot!










carefully smoothing the edges of the lid!










almost done with her fan!














Lastly, during our evening program, villagers discussed Arab mannerisms and etiquette and created skits to represent them.

In this skit, villagers exagerate the Arab habit of saying goodbye multiple times to guests before they actually depart:


Here, villagers additionally show how Arabs often invite their guests to eat more and more at the table:


And in this final skit, villagers show an American traveler to Arab countries making mistakes like not even trying to learn the language, hugging people she meets for the first time right away, and not accepting food from the country when offered it:


After our evening program, our campfire was cut short by an impending thunderstorm, and we all quickly headed to bed!

Thank you for stopping by, and we'll see you tomorrow, inshallah!

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