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learning about Arab minorities, fun with the shaami dialect, and an engagement

Published: August 1, 2017

Today, we raised the Palestinian flag right after our morning exercises. Later in the day, we continued the ‘ammiya sessions in the shammi dialect. To practice the words that we learned, we first gathered in the parking lot, and assigned the right side to fus-ha words and the left side to shammi words. Depending on what the leader said, the villagers moved to the right side or the left. Then, we formed two circles and passed a ball back and forth, asking questions using one of the question words that we learned from the shammi dialect. For example, for the question word wein (where), someone might ask “min wein inta?” or “where are you from?”.

learning with games!










Today for lunch, we had delicious djaj (chicken) with lemons and zeitoon (olives).

it was as delicious as it looks!










During the arts period, some worked on collages using pieces from the al-Waha environment.

a ship using pinecones, wood and other plant life at al-Waha










Others baked pita bread.

bread and conversation, essentials for a good life!










Still others worked on making friendship bracelets, looming and other thread arts.

fun with thread!










In today’s musalsal, Lindsay Lohan and Babylone visited al-Waha!

Lindsay Lohan in a stylish hijab










Babylone sees Lindsay Lohan and becomes interested in her. The problem is that, just like the thief had no information about his love interest, Babylone also knows nothing about Lindsay Lohan!

a meet cute










Babylone approaches our thief to find out who she is, but our thief mistakenly believes that Babylone loves his spy love interest, and a fight ensues.

rivals in love?










The spy’s partner intervenes to correct the misunderstanding.

wisdom in disguise










Babylone woos Lindsay Lohan, and they decide to get married! Stay tuned for their wedding tomorrow!

ah, true love!










Today at dinner, we rewarded another one of our villager’s for being a wonderful member of the community!

mabrook! you're the best!










For the evening program, we learned about four minority religions in the Arab world: Druze, Baha’is, Sufis, and Coptics. Here are videos of the presentations, for your viewing pleasure:





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