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it’s I-Day!

Published: August 9, 2019

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome back to our blog! Today was the extremely awesome, incredibly fabulous International Day that we have been writing so much about.

We started off at Al-Wāḥa with a soccer game against the Swedish team, which Al-Wāḥa won.











racing for the ball!










celebrating a winning shot!











Here's our cheer for the team:


And here's some footage:



After the game, we had our sac lunches and exchanged songs with the Swedish and Spanish villages.




Soon after, we headed over to Waldsee, the German village, where we did a great number of things.



We showed off our cooking skills at the Iron Chef competition:

peeling garlic!










everything is awesome!










the main course!










the dessert!










We ate delicious food:

yay, poutine!










poutine close-up!











We sold tea and other items:

cold mint tea for only a dollar!










at our bazaar table!











We drummed:


We just walked around and explored:

standing in line!










decorating the tapescape!










group photo!










playing a game!










on their way to...










We marched:


We danced to the I-Day song and to our own songs representing the theme of "inspire":



At the conclusion of I-Day, we walked back to Al-Wāḥa for dinner, then headed to our cabins for an early night in.

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow, inshallah!