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International Day Videos 2012

Published: August 31, 2012

On I-Day, our closing program featured different greetings from different Arab countries. At the end, the villagers threw paper airplanes shaped like hearts at the audience.

This year, the I-Day dance was in Estonian, called “Hey Hey.” It was a lot of fun to dance to, and I hope that it’s fun to watch as well.

Before we went to Waldsee for I-Day, we ate lunch with several other camps: Swedish, English, and Italian. We had a small song exchange (and Al-Waha‘s was clearly the best). One of the songs that we sang was “Isalamu Alaikum”, the song that we sing in the morning.

Another song that we sang was called “Al Soor.” Enjoy!

During I-Day, Al-Waha participated in the village song exchange. The villagers played a few songs on drums, guitars, flutes, clarinets, and ukeleles.

We also participated in the village dance exchange, where we danced to one of our favorite songs: “Mahdoumi.”