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International Day arrives!

Published: August 12, 2017

Assalamu alaikum! Today was the much-anticipated International Day!!!

Our villagers woke up a little later than usual: 8:30 AM, so they got to sleep in an extra 45 minutes! From our cabins, we headed straight to breakfast, where we feasted on an egg, potato and cheese bake, yogurt, bread with butter or jam, and orange slices!

Then we headed to the first soccer match of the day, which was held in the mal’ab (soccer field) at al-Waha! And guess what?! We beat the Swedish soccer team! Later in the day, we also defeated the Japanese, but lost against the Spaniards. Either way, our team played incredibly well, and we are looking forward to playing more soccer games during sports time at al-Waha.

a stout offense!










After the soccer game, we ate our packed lunches: Uncrustable PB&J’s, snack-sized bags of chips, granola bars, apples, raspberry juice boxes and water. We were joined by the Spanish village : El Lago del Bosque, and the Swedish village: Sjolunden.

a sea of eaters!










After lunch, we all walked together to the German village: Waldsee. Waldsee was set up for International Day, and so the massive space was a smorgasbord of tents, selling crepes, ddukbeoki, koshari, Hibiscus flower drinks, fruit, and more! There was also a regalia station, where we could buy t-shirts and other things belonging to each of the villages. Of course, there were many activities happening at the same time, like dancing at Café Einbeck, and in the central I-day location, a giant chess game, a giant scrabble game, and a ball game in a corralled sand pit.

khaimat al-Waha  (al-Waha's tent)










resetting the giant chess set for the start of a new game










many people from the midwest!










Shrek is a word!










fun in the sand pit










Aside from the al-Waha soccer team, we had two other teams: the Global summit team and the cooking competition team. The al-Waha Global Summit team, consisting of the Palestinian and Lebanese delegations, participated in Global Summit, and learned about global perspectives on terrorism, including whether other nations believed hacking to be a form of terrorism, and in general, what other nations believe constitutes terrorism.

the Palestinian delegation has a proposal!










and some villagers who came to cheer for the Global Summit team!










And, the cooking team actually won the cooking competition at I-day!

two of our lovely chefs!










excellent food presentation skills!










One of the highlights of I-day, however, was the dance presentation period!

First, we had one of our longtime villagers at al-Waha introduce the dean.

a proud moment










Then, we all gathered around a raised circular stage and got to see a great variety of dance and song styles. al- Waha’s team truly outdid themselves with a dance number to “Etganen,” or “Go Crazy,” by the band Cairokee, portraying Islamophobia in the United States and urging a break from such tendencies. Here is a recording of the dance for your viewing pleasure:

Afterwards, all villagers danced to Faizal Tahir’s “Assalamu Alaikum,” and that was it for International Day.











After walking back from Waldsee to al-Waha, we had a dinner of lasagna, bread, salad, and ice cream, then watched “Monster’s, Inc.” in Arabic!

international day August 2017