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In Review: Week One of Virtual Al-Waha!

Published: July 17, 2020

السلام عليكم! 


This week has gone by so fast - I can’t believe that the first week of Virtual Al-Waha is already over! 


These are the places we visited virtually this week:

Al-Waha, our home base in Bemidji, Minnesota

Turtle River Lake near Bemidji, Minnesota

Souq Khan al-Khalili, which is a bazaar in Cairo, Egypt

So many wonderful things to buy!

Babylon and other historical sites in Iraq

The  reconstructed Gate of Babylon
The Ziggurat of Ur

The dragon’s blood trees in Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen

This tree "bleeds" red sap when cut, hence the name Dragons Blood Tree! In Arabic, the name is شجرة دم التنين \ شجرة دم الأخوين


Some of the things we learned about at Al-Waha this week:

Cooking: al-maa'quda and Moroccan-style baba ghanouj!


Walking in the Medina: 

Diagram of the city


Tiri Tiri ya 3asfoura! طيري طيري يا عصفورة

Family and daily routines:

Brushing our hair, brushing our teeth, and eating with a fork!

How to ask and tell someone how you’re doing:

كيف حالك؟

Arab table etiquette:

Watching a video about what we do when we eat a meal!


We learned about all of these things and much more!


We are looking forward to spending another week with our credit villagers and some of our returning one-week villagers, and we will miss the villagers who we won’t get to see again next week! It has been truly a joy to get to know our virtual villagers this past week. 


Next week we’ll get to see some new faces, including a couple of guest counselors! There are still a few spaces available in our later one-week sessions, and there is still scholarship funding available for them too. It’s not too late to sign up!


Inshallah we will see you again soon for more fun activities in Arabic!