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Goha stories night!

Published: August 9, 2018

Assalamu alaikum, everybody! I hope everything is well with you all!

Today, in the istikshaf (exploration) period, the cooking class learned about making pizza and vocab words related to the food and cooking methods involved.

illustrations of pizza...










Meanwhile, the storytelling group edited their stories, as well as began translating their stories from English into Arabic.

gathering the stories at the conclusion of the writing workshop...










During waqt al-faragh (free time), some villagers played volleyball on the beach, while others enjoyed a swim in the buhaira (lake).

over the net!










check out that lily pad hat!










Other villagers took a nap, studied, played chess, or wood-burned.

sweet dreams...










working on final projects...










hard at work...










burning a tree into the wood...










eid milaad sa'eed (happy birthday)!










Afterward, villagers went to their mughamarat. One of the mughamarat got competitive with ping-pong. Each time someone scored, that person would have to answer a question for the point to count!

a fabulous match...










Meanwhile, one credit mughamara continued planning an evening program.

planning a carnival!!!










During the arts and sports period, some of our villagers performed the choreography that they had learned so far in the belly-dancing session!

After a short break, we attended the musalsal. In this episode, Aladdin and Darth Vader argue over which one of them is Luke's real father.

even Yasmeen doesn't know who the real father is!










For dinner, we had a delicious meat and couscous dish.

the lowz (almonds) were a delicious extra touch!










After dinner, we had our evening program, which was all about Goha, a literary character famous in the Arab world for being a wise fool.

In one of the stories, Goha goes to his friend the khabbaz (baker), and asks him to roast a goose for him. The friend agrees and tells him to come back in an hour. Unfortunately, once the goose has been roasted, the baker can't resist the smell and eats the entire goose. When Goha returns and asks where the goose is, the friend says that it flew away, which is a ridiculous excuse. A few days later, Goha shows up and asks to borrow the khabbaz's donkey. His friend the khabbaz agrees. A few days later, the khabbaz goes back to ask Goha for the donkey, to which Goha replies that the donkey flew away.

a smug Goha and an irritated baker...










In the second story, Goha and his son are riding on a donkey to the market. Observers of the trio comment that Goha and his son are cruel for both riding on the donkey, who looks tired. Therefore, Goha gets off and leaves his son riding on the donkey. As they ride through the market, observers comment on how selfish the son must be to ride on the donkey while his old father walks alongside them. Hearing this, Goha and his son switch places, but then those in the market comment that Goha is selfish for having his son walk while he rests on the donkey's back. Therefore, Goha and his son carry the donkey and as a result, are called stupid.

Goha, Goha's son, narrator, and audience...










In the final story, Goha purchases ten donkeys from a vendor. When he rides on one of the donkeys, he always counts only nine donkeys and thinks he is being cheated. However, when he gets off the donkey, he always counts ten donkeys. He decides to walk alongside the donkeys rather than ride one of them so that he can have one extra donkey.

Goha wondering why the tenth donkey keeps disappearing...










We ended the day by thanking each other and singing at the campfire!

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