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getting ready for International Day!

Published: August 8, 2019

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome back! Today was an incredibly busy day as we geared up for International Day (I-Day). Villagers practiced their soccer skills for the I-Day World Cup, tested their cooking skills for the Iron Chef competition, drilled their I-Day dance, painted the I-Day tea cart, worked on their arguments for the Model United Nations event, and more!

In the evening, we gathered to learn about the different places the villagers could visit at the German village Waldsee (where I-Day takes place). Stations ranged from face-painting to international fruit that you can get for free if you sing a song from your language village to a dunk tank where you can dunk your favorite counselor!

learning about the various events on I-Day!










We also got our I-Day t-shirts, made flags to represent the Arab countries we love,  sang together, and practiced the I-Day dance.

with our beautiful I-Day shirt!













it also works as a scarf! fashion!










giving an autograph!










with the UAE flag!















At the campfire tonight, we sang several songs:





Finally, we went to bed! Thank you for reading! We're incredibly excited to share tomorrow's I-Day adventures with you in our next blog post!

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