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Four Arab YouTubers on Modest Fashion

Published: December 19, 2018

Over the past few years, modest fashion has become more popular than ever. As a hijabi, or Muslim woman who wears a headscarf and tries to dress modestly, I have excitedly and gratefully watched the growth of this industry. The rise in popularity of modest fashion meant that modest clothing seen on the runways would eventually trickle down to ordinary stores where people like you and I could wear it. However, it is not enough for there to be modest fashion in stores; we also need leaders who advise us on how to wear these newly available pieces. Here are four Arab YouTubers whose videos I have watched for fashion inspiration:

  1. Dina Tokio – Dina Turkia, one of my favorite modest fashion YouTubers, is half-Egyptian, half-British. Her fashion is characterized by oversized sweaters, matching sets, and comfort, comfort, comfort! Dina also vlogs about her family life with her husband Sid Khan and has gained many followers for the enthusiastic way she talks about her work and family. On top of that, she has travelled to and taken videos of places in the Middle East like Cairo and Dubai; you can check out some of her trips on her Instagram. She has recently released a book titled “Modestly” on modest fashion and more. Here is one of her “look book” videos:


  1. Ascia AKF – Ascia al-Faraj is a half-Kuwaiti, half-American based in Kuwait. The topics she discusses are similar to Dina’s, but since she lives in Kuwait, in her vlogs, you get to see a lot more of Kuwait and what living there is like compared to living in the United States. She is also very into beauty and has cofounded ME Seoul Kool to bring Korean beauty products to the Middle East and beyond. To see her adventures in Korea and more, visit her Instagram. Here’s one of her videos showcasing the work of Middle-Eastern designers:


  1. Subhi Taha – Subhi Taha is a half-Palestinian, half-Filipino American based in Texas. Subhi started off on YouTube with videos satirizing Arab behaviors or tendencies. Here is one of his more recent videos where he acts as a father having a “conversation” with his son who is trying to go out with his friends:


He recently launched his own modest clothing collection. His Instagram, which showcases some clothing from that collection, also documents some of his travels to Middle-Eastern countries like Palestine, Jordan, as well as countries like Mexico. His definition of modest fashion and modesty is a little different from Dina’s or Ascia’s; here is a video on what modesty means to him:


  1. Withlove, Leena – Leena is a Palestinian-American nurse based in Texas. She blogs about modest fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. She also has videos of her travels abroad; you can check out her trip to Marrakech, Morocco on her Instagram. And, here’s one of her videos on modest fashion:


I hope you enjoyed this post on modest fashion! See you next time, inshallah!