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Five Things You Can Learn At Virtual Al-Waha, plus 2020 Registration and Scholarship Information!

Published: June 9, 2020

At Al-Waha, we live the Arabic language via Community-Based Learning, Grand Simulation, Lived Language and Culture, and Outdoor Learning. All of these are the building blocks of the Concordia Language Villages’ Mission. This summer, our village will be entirely online, which means we are getting a bit more creative with how we live the tenets of our mission out. While we are finalizing our program for the summer, I thought I’d share some of the things our villagers can learn at our Virtual Village!


These are 5 Things You Can Learn at Virtual Al-Waha: 


1. How to read and write in Arabic, including making beautiful calligraphy!

2. How to sing and dance the way Arabs do! 


3. How to make traditional and beloved Arab foods, such as hummus or mana’eesh!

Counselors rolling out dough for mana'eesh!

4. Greetings in different dialects of Arabic: In Morocco, one way of asking “How are you?” is “Labass alayk?/لاباس عليك؟” And in Iraq, “Shaku maku?/شكو ماكو؟”


5. Arabic etiquette, because one can never be too polite! 


Most of all, you can learn to become a courageous global citizen by learning Arabic! 


2020 Registration and Scholarship Information

Our virtual programs are led by passionate, experienced Arabic teachers and counselors. We can't wait to say assalaamu alaykum to our villagers! Al-Waha has one-week virtual programs available for 8-18 year old villagers this summer, as well as a four-week virtual high school credit program for villagers entering grades 9-12.

Villagers signing up for our one-week programs can sign up for morning-only sessions, afternoon-only sessions, or both! You can sign up for two concurrent one-week sessions. 

Best of all, thanks to our generous donors, we have lots of scholarships for our Al-Waha villagers! Scholarships cover all registration costs except the deposits.

- Villagers who register for a 1-week session at Al-Waha are eligible for a $300 scholarship, upon payment of a $25 deposit and a completed Passport Fund application, found within the session registration form. The $300 scholarship is available for each 1-week session at Al-Waha that a given villager registers for.

- Villagers who register for the high school credit session at Al-Waha are eligible for a $3,560 scholarship, upon payment of a $300 deposit and a completed Passport Fund application.

Scholarships are available until funding is depleted. Awarding preference is given to villagers residing in the greater Midwest, in accordance with the donor's wishes.

Click here for general information about summer scholarships. 

Click here to see the dates and rates of our virtual programs.

Click here to start your online registration for Al-Waha today!