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Film Night!

Published: July 27, 2019

Marhaban! Welcome to our latest blog post!

Today in the musalsal, after Fathia loses her magic lamp, she goes begging for food and encounters a fortune teller who tells her to avoid any handsome and wealthy men lest her life turn sour. Meanwhile, Aladdin gets into a fight with the genie to try to get more wishes, but eventually just settles on asking to become wealthy.

the fortune teller warns Fathia against rich, handsome men!










In arts and sports time or waqt al-fan wa al-riyada, villagers participated in various activities including soccer, yoga, cooking, calligraphy, and music.

all eyes on the soccer ball!










reach for the sky!










cooking improv with cookies!













writing Arabic words into different shapes!










Learning "Tareeq Al-7arir (Silk Road)," Al-Wāḥa's version of "Country Roads" by John Denver:

Finally, after dinner, we watched the film Laila's Birthday, ate popcorn, and then headed off to bed!

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!

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