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cruising on the Silk Road!

Published: July 25, 2019

Ahlan wa sahlan, ya asdiqa'i! Welcome, my friends! Today, we had a wonderful full day of activities!

In the musalsal, Fathia hatches a plan for avoiding marriage altogether and recruits her friend Said to kidnap her as part of that plan. Unfortunately, Fathia and Said run into pirates who question what Fathia and Said are doing on their sea.

Fathia and Said encountering pirates!










During song and dance time, villagers learned a new song about the parts of the body in Arabic.

ra's (head)!










During istikshaf (discovery time), villagers learned about different holidays and celebrations in the Middle East.

learning about Ramadan!










learning about and working on crafts for Easter in Palestine!










writing a note for the newborn baby in the celebration of siboo3!










Celebrating the birth of a baby in Egypt:


celebrating the end of the siboo3 with a zaghroota!










Celebrating Libyan Independance Day with a song:


a one-handed present-wrapping competition for Christmas in Egypt!










Children celebrate 3ashoora (the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar), a day of fasting, in Morocco by trying to hit their friends with eggs:

During the sahar layali (evening program), the villagers were split up into countries and tasked with trading with each other along the Silk Road.

on the Silk Road!










But beware of bandits! Some countries had their goods stolen by bandits along the silk road. The villagers also had to protect their camel, which held a cup of water.

a bandit attack!










If the villagers spoke English, the camel would tip the water out and the villagers would have to return to the well to refill the camel's cup.

We ended the day with a campfire and learned the song "Kahlete Laayoune" by Babylone!


Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!

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