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Contemporary Music

Published: August 9, 2009

The days at Al-Waha have been busy, busy, busy, and it is hard to think where the time has gone. We apologize for the delay between posts; we will certainly update more regularly for the rest of the session. One of our evening programs this week focused on popular contemporary music in the Arab world. At one station, villagers shook their hips and attempted to learn the art of belly dance. At another, we kicked and skipped our way around a circle as we danced the debke, a dance from Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. At a third station we listened to rai music from Algeria and grooved to the reggae-influenced beat. Finally, villagers learned about some of the most famous singers of the past century, from Umm Kulthoum to Fairouz. All in all, it was a night of songs, dance, and laughter all around.