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chillin’ with the most famous of Arabs!

Published: July 26, 2019

Assalamu alaikum! Welcome back to our blog!  Today was a fun-filled and fantabulous day as usual! Read on for our adventures!

In one of our credit mughamarat (adventures), villagers read a scenario about diners at a restaurant and answered reading comprehension questions.

working on reading comprehension!










Meanwhile, another credit mughamara worked on connecting their letters.

hoorah for connecting letters!










And the last credit mughamara learned about and sang songs from several artists across the Middle East.


In the two-week mughamarat, villagers learned how to answer the question, "What do you like to do?" and reviewed past lessons.


One of the two-week mughamarat also practiced the dabke, a dance from the Levantine region, in preparation for their performance at the wedding the next day.



In the musalsal, Fathia decides to join the pirate Rabab and Rabab's two monkeys on a seafaring adventure to Agrabah. However, the monkeys are jealous of Fathia's friendship with Rabab and so try to annoy her. Additionally, Rabab starts acting weird and doesn't want Fathia to approach one of the rooms in the ship. However, Fathia eventually evades the monkeys and Rabab and makes her way into the room. There she finds a magical lamp, and when she rubs it, a genie comes out! What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!

Fathia trying to appease the monkeys with bananas!










In the evening program, villagers met famous figures from the Arab world and practiced asking questions to get to know the figures, which included Fayrouz, Ibn Battuta, Um Kalthoum, Mohamed Salah, 3antara Ibn Shaddad, and Najeeb Ma7fouz.

with Fayrouz!


with Ibn Battuta!




















with Um Kalthoum!










with Mohamed Salah!










with 3antara Ibn Shaddad!










with Najeeb Ma7fouz!










Thanks for reading! 

see you tomorrow!

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