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mökki ilta (cabin night)

Published: July 13, 2016

After our first Finnish classes of the day, the villagers had their first activities of the day where they were speaking more Finnish than they have since they first got here! The activities were going on a nature walk, crafting, or reading Finnish books. For lunch, the villagers got their energy from rice porridge, soup, and open-faced sandwiches. It rained today, so the villagers were able to go to the sauna, bank, or store! 

Then after their second Finnish school, villagers had even more fun during the second activity of the day. They had the option of felting, playing Uno and Spot-it, or playing Catan another fun board game. The villagers ate up the meat stew, vegetables, and bread during supper time.

Credit villagers had just played a Finnish board game

The evening program was very relaxing for most cabins. We seem to have been able to tire our villagers. For their cabin nights, two cabins wanted to watch movies. The credit villagers wanted to watch Jos Rakastat (a Finnish musical) again! And Häme, another cabin, watched Me Rosvolat (a children's Finnish movie about pirates). Another cabin, played board games and chatted in their cabin about the last week. And the final cabin, did crafts such as knitting and Finnish weaving. We hope the villagers are able to relax tonight because tomorrow will be a full day, as always, and our evening program will require lots of energy!