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at Khan el-Khalili: the most fabulous Egyptian market!

Published: August 1, 2019

Ahlan wa sahlan ila Al-Wāḥa! Today was a lovely, sunny day full of  joy and activity!

In the last episode of the musalsal, Aladdin gets a job and makes some money, Fathia reconciles with her father and gets her wish of having a huge library, and the genie proposes to Rabab, who accepts!

Aladdin working on his resume!










Genie proposing to Rabab!










a great thank you to all of our incredible actors!










Meanwhile, the day campers were out and about stacking cups and playing with Mr. Potato Head!

stacking cups!










with Princess Potato Head!










During the arts and sports period, villagers continued with some yoga, made clay cups, and cooked!

a new yoga crew!










making a tea cup!










a new cookie recipe!










Afterward, during istikshaf, the exploration period,  villagers learned about a variety of topics related to the environment!

inspecting trees for mushrooms!













mushrooms found!










learning about global warming's impact on the environment!










measuring the circumference of trees!













Following dinner, villagers experienced various aspects of Khan el-Khalili, a famous old market in Egypt. There villagers practiced their bartering, relaxed at the café , and sang Dalida's "Helwa Ya Baladi"!

Villagers practicing their haggling skills:


Villagers making a bulk deal for corn:


Singing Dalida's "Helwa Ya Baladi":


Learning about the famous café  in Khan el-Khalili:


Enjoying some evening tea:


Settling the bill for tea:


Dancing to the awesome music at the café :


Afterward, villagers went to the campfire,  cabin council, and then bed!

Thanks for stopping by! We'll see you tomorrow, inshallah!

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