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Arab Pastimes

Published: August 12, 2016

Yesterday our villagers learned about some of the traditional pastimes of the Arab world. The first activity was Arab board games. We learned about the Arab origins of the board games chess and backgammon. The origins of the modern game chess come from an early Persian version of the game called Shataranj, which was also very popular in medieval Iraq. The board game Backgammon is a variation on some of the oldest board games in history. Racing board games have been around since the Roman Empire, and originated in the Middle East, making them an important cultural contribution of the region.
The next activity was tea drinking. In the Middle East and North Africa, tea drinking is a crucial part of socializing. Cafes can be found on almost every street, and tea is had with every meal. Different Arab countries have different tea preferences. Moroccans prefer green tea with fresh mint, while Egyptians drink a much heavier blackened brew.

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