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Arab Idol 2

Published: August 15, 2016

Arab Idol is back by popular demand! Our night program from the last session was so popular we wanted to share it with our new group of two-week villagers. Our leadership staff provided two demonstrations, one an example of a good performance and one example of what not to do. Our villagers divided into three groups, dancing, drumming, and acting. The villagers we’re given some time to prepare their performances before returning to the main group. Our acting group decided to do a skit about a controversial opinion on Khobs (bread). Its one of the favorite words of many villagers and a staple of Al-Wāḥa songs. Our drumming group added a sword fight to their performance. It took the judges by surprise and they received some extra points for their innovation. The last group to go was our dancing group. At first the judges we’re not impressed, but the dancers unleashed their grand finale; a double backflip! This quickly changed the minds of the judges, who gave them excellent marks.

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