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an investigation at Al-Wāḥa!

Published: August 2, 2019

Sabah il-khair! Good morning, and welcome back to our blog! Today was a hot and humid day, but full of excitement as the  credit villagers were gearing to act as a counselor of their choosing in the evening program. Likewise, the two-week villagers were eager to put their detective skills to use questioning the credit villagers.

But first, the morning activities:

making an omelette!













on the balcony outside the kitchen!










Before lunch, villagers practiced some songs to burn off some energy before eating a delicious meal!



During istikshaf, exploration time, villagers learned about recycling and created monsters from cartons, bubble wrap, and miscellanious objects.

breaking down a carton!










a carton Voldemort!










bubble wrap art!










painting a pine cone!










and the finished clay cups from yesterday!










Finally, in the evening program, villagers acted as their characters or conducted their investigation.

figure 1










figure 2










figure 3










figure 4










figure 5













figure 6










figures 7 & 8










figure 9










figure 10










figures 11 and 12:


figure 13










figure 14













figure 15










and figure 16 being interviewed:


And that's a wrap! We will see you tomorrow, inshallah!

More photos