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an August opening day!

Published: August 8, 2017

Ahlan wa sahlan, habaybi! Today was a super exciting day, as we had many incoming villagers!

They began arriving, for the most part, at 2 PM. Our new villagers passed through several stations, including registration, the nurse (for health forms and lice checks!), customs (where their contraband was confiscated), the activity-choosing station (calligraphy, candle-making or Model UN) and a name-tag making station! The only difference between this opening day and the last one was that many of our incoming villagers are younger and that our credit villagers were also assisting at the stations (and were all doing an awesome job by the way!).

in line for registration!










a friendly game of basketball in front of the dukkan (store)










at the nurse's station










our new villagers already making friends!










Afterward, we headed to the soccer field for soccer, hand-clapping games or just chatting.

who will nab the ball?!










those hand-clapping games never get old










just chilling










and chatting










Then, it was time for dinner! For dinner, we had shawarma (gyro), French fries, hummus, pita bread, vegetables, and for dessert, a delicious coconut cake! We also celebrated today, as one of our new villagers had just had his birthday the day before!

For the evening program, we had an orientation for the new villagers. At one station, our wonderful lifeguard and some of our credit villagers explained the rules of being at the shati’ (beach) and informed the villagers that they could take their swim test tomorrow.

learning how to stay safe at the shati' (beach)!










At another station, villagers gathered and sung some of al-Waha’s traditional songs together with some of the credit villagers.

learning the "ana ibreeq a-shai"  or "I am a tea kettle" song










At a third station, by the naadi (gym), villagers learned how they could exchange their dollars into dinars and witnessed a hilarious performance by some of our credit villagers about how to go about that (basically, just have your bitaqa (nametag) and jawaz assafar (passport), and you are good to go!). Then, they learned how to buy candy, clothes, and other goods from the dukkan (store).

learning about money exchange in front of the khaima (tent)!










a shopping demo at the dukkan!










At a fourth station, our villagers learned about I-day or International Day. This is a festival day when villagers, staff, parents and past villagers from all language camps at Concordia Language Villages gather together for games, performances, soccer tournaments, cooking competitions, a Global Summit and general fun! All parents are invited to it this Friday afternoon at the German camp (Waldsee)! At this station, our new villagers got to choose which of the I-day activities they wanted to join.

getting ready for International Day!










Then, we all headed together to the bonfire to learn some songs! Here is a video of the villagers learning “man yubhir bidoon reeh?” or “Who Sails Without a Breeze?,” a beautiful song about how friendship is indispensable:


And then it was to the cabins for cabin council (during which campers and counselors talk to each other about their concerns, their happy moments, and so on), followed by bed!

opening day stations and the soccer game after

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