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a mega-chill Saturday!

Published: July 29, 2018

Assalamu alaikum! If I had to summarize this day in one word, I would use the word ‘chill.’ Quite a few counselors and staff woke up early this morning at around 6 AM to say goodbye to the one-week villagers. Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables, our mughamarat, all of our activities… seemed empty without them today. We hope to see you back next year, and kudos to you all for having such a great impact on all of us in a short amount of time!

After bidding some of our villagers goodbye, we went to our writing sessions, followed by our mughamarat, which were full of awesome activities.

In one mughamara, villagers learned about directions, for example, yameen (right), yassar (left), amam (in front of), and khalf (behind). To cement this knowledge, villagers paired up to lead each other through an obstacle course. One partner was blindfolded and had to respond to his or her partner’s directions of how to get through the obstacle course.

trust your partner and listen carefully to triumph over the obstacle course!










In another mughamara, villagers learned about names for daily activities, like istihmam (showering) and madrasa (school).

a race to get a schedule together!










Yet another mughamara invited two guests over to be interviewed about their likes and dislikes.

an eighth circle at the Seven Sisters' Garden!










Activities continued as usual in the arts and sports session. Villagers continued working on henna designs by painting.

expanding star!










The villagers in the calligraphy session continued working on their calligraphy skills. In this session, villagers put the Arabic word for Al-Wāḥa into various shapes.

a little Al-Wāḥa world!










Villagers also took part in an exciting Frisbee game.

who will snatch that frisbee out of the air?!










In the musalsal today, the tooth fairy is buried, but the guard just can’t accept that his true love is gone. He goes to the market and makes a bargain with three dark witches: his teeth for the tooth fairy’s life. This is unfortunate, since that is what attracted the tooth fairy to him in the first place. The witches brew a potion to bring the tooth fairy back to life, and it works, but sadly, the tooth fairy turns dark.

the whole musalsal crew!










After the musalsal, we had dinner, and watched the film ‘asal iswid or Black Molasses, starring Ahmed Helmy. Then, we headed to bed!

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned for tomorrow!

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