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A Day in the Life: Five Arab YouTubers on Living Under Quarantine

Published: April 5, 2020

Ah, COVID-19, coronavirus, international pandemic… One little virus has completely upended our lives and has sent some of us swinging into an emotional pendulum, alternating between paranoia and boredom, fear and relief at finally being able to relax. However, while this pandemic has certainly affected many of our lives, it has also brought attention to the fact that we are truly a global community. This is not just referring to the speed at which the virus travelled across the globe, but also to the incredible strength, unity, resilience, and community that we have seen, not only in our own lives, but also on social media. Everyone is experiencing this struggle, and everyone is trying to get through it in the best way they can, together.

With so much freedom, we suddenly have a lot of time on our hands, which is why I bring you five YouTube videos by Arab YouTubers. You’ll keep yourself occupied, and maybe even learn something new!


Dina Tokio - دينا تركيا: “Lockdown at Home"”

Dina, an Egyptian-English YouTuber, fashion designer, and businesswoman who lives in Cardiff, walks us through a day under quarantine. Her video is different from the rest, because she is a mother. She must contend with taking care of two little kids, along with keeping up with her fashion designing, her home renovation, and coping with the anxiety of being under quarantine. In this video, she shares a baking project that she does with her kids. In another lockdown video, she also gives us ideas for homeschooling activities and a schedule. Pre-quarantine, Dina and her husband Sid were renovating their recently purchased home, and so in this video, Dina also discusses upcoming changes to their house.


Subhi Taha - صبحي طه: “Isolation/Social Distancing - Day 1"”

Subhi, a Palestinian-Filipino YouTuber, fashion designer, and marketer living in Texas, shares his reaction to the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing upon his return to his home in Dallas from a conference in Colorado Springs. In the video, he also ponders the lessons that can be learned from the pandemic. In some of his other lockdown videos, Subhi shares tips for staying productive during the quarantine and finding that balance between relaxing and doing something meaningful, maybe even finally starting that blog you always wanted to write!


Mark Hachem - مارك هاشم  : "My Girlfriend and I in Quarantine"

Lebanese-Canadian YouTuber Mark Hachem describes himself as an actor, director, writer, motivational speaker, and madman. His video veers off from the typical reaction to the coronavirus by adding a comedic twist, a beloved and extremely useful coping mechanism for people everywhere. He presents several days of quarantine as a maddening, sometimes unbearable journey that includes exercising at odd hours to boost immunity, sanitizing to an extreme, and fighting over puzzle space.


Natalie Sallaum - ناتالي سلوم: “i'm self quarantined: cooking & stuff | vlog 38"”

YouTuber Natalie Sallaum is a Swiss-Lebanese-Chilean entrepreneur. In this video, she takes us through a day in her life as a university student living under quarantine in the United Arab Emirates. She talks about her experience attending live, online lectures and the difficulty of staying on task with your phone by your side. She shares her burgeoning love for cooking and expresses some of the frustrations of having to order your groceries to your home. Lastly, she stresses the importance of self-care routines, including taking care of your skin and making sure to get some exercise and sun.


Abeer Sinder - عبير سندر: “A day in our self-isolation"”

Abeer is a fourth-generation Saudi Arabian with roots in West Africa. While social distancing in Bali, Abeer shows us her adopted dog and her six new puppies and shares their names. She also talks about her morning routine and the necessity of self-love, especially during me-time. Lastly, she tantalizes the viewers with a delicious-looking chicken pasta dish and discusses her upcoming Instagram post and foray into TikTok.