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a concert, a dance party, and saying goodbye to the one weekers!

Published: July 28, 2018

Marhaban ya jama’a! Today was a bittersweet day, as we were all very excited to attend the evening concert led by our artist-in-residence Ahmed El-Haggar, but were sad because our one-week villagers were leaving the next morning. Nevertheless, we had a marvelously full day of activities.

We continued to learn about food, for example, learning ana uhib (I like) and ana la uhib (I don’t like) al-mowz (bananas). We also learned about adjectives for food, like murr (bitter) and haamid (sour).

talking about preferences for activities in Arabic...










chatting about food...the best kind of conversation!










In one mughamara, villagers played the telephone game to review vocabulary.

will he catch that?










In another, villagers made cornbread and learned vocabulary related to the kitchen.

mix, mix, mixing that cookie dough!










Others had a bit of mint tea.

peace signs and afternoon tea!










Still others played humans versus zombies using water guns.

excited to attack!










At lunch time, we had a delicious Egyptian dish called kushari, along with carrots, and khubz, or bread.































At istikshaf, or discovery time, we continued to learn about music from Ahmed El-Haggar.

reach higher!










We also traced our hands and drew henna designs.

a beautiful henna design!










Additionally, we turned our Arabic names into calligraphy works.

some fabulous calligraphy!










Afterward, we headed to Al-Quds to watch the musalsal. In this edition of the musalsal, Goha, the tooth fairy, and Robin Hood were stuck in prison. They bribe the guard with the sack of gold that the tooth fairy wants to deliver so that he would give them the keys. The guard agrees, and so they escape! Shehrezad meets them outside and treats them to a meal. The tooth fairy and her crew tell Shehrezad that they traded the gold for the key to the prison, and so she gives them some silk and advises them to try to trade the silk for the gold that the guard currently has. Surprisingly, the guard agrees to trade the gold for the silk. This immediately makes Goha and Robin Hood suspicious, and they ask him why he’s so eager to take the silk. After some prodding, the guard reveals that he has a date with the tooth fairy. This makes Robin Hood angry and he immediately begins a sword fight with the guard. The tooth fairy throws herself in between them to protect her love the guard, and is accidentally stabbed by the guard. Excited to learn what happens next?! Stay tuned!

our dying tooth fairy is a little too  happy!










After the musalsal, we had dinner, and after dinner, we took a group picture (or attempted to)!

together, together, together everyone!










Finally, we held a concert, followed by a dance part! The official concert video will be coming soon, but in the meantime, please head to our Facebook page to view the live video:


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