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2013 Credit Villager Final Projects

Published: August 30, 2013

The credit program at Al-Wāḥa is not the easiest program to complete. For starters, Arabic is a very hard language, especially reading and writing. The final project for all credit villagers at Al-Wāḥa requires a lot of Arabic to be used. If the project itself does not include much Arabic, the villager has to write about it in Arabic. Every two weeks, the credit villagers take exams, and almost every night, they have homework…in the middle of summer vacation. Despite these things, our credit villagers have been doing very well, especially in their final projects. Many of the projects will be kept in Al-Wāḥa as Arabic decoration or for teaching purposes, and hopefully every time we see them, we’ll be reminded of how hard the credit villagers have worked, and of their impact on the program.