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Opening Day اليوم الأول

Published: July 26, 2016

        Yesterday was opening day here at al-waHa and everyone is excited about the coming weeks. Just like traveling to a foreign country, villagers must go through customs here at al-waHa. Villagers need their CLVisas, their passports to al-waHa. Villagers also receive new Arabic names to use around the village, then they Exchange their dollars for Jordanian Dinars. We learned Arabic table manners like "من...

QFI Video Features Al-Wāḥa Villager as Part of #ISpeakArabic Campaign

Published: December 18, 2015

Check out this great video! We’re so proud of William, one of our villagers from Al-Wāḥa Arabic Language Village!

Meal Presentations

Published: August 15, 2015

Here are some of the meal presentations done at Al-Waha. There’s also a video of some of the credit villagers presenting a song about the camp store from Opening Day in the second session. Enjoy!

Moghamarat Sumer Credit Project Presentation

Published: August 15, 2015

Two weeks ago, one of the credit classes presented their project, which was designing a city. I apologize for taking so long to post the videos of it, but please enjoy them!

Closing Day

Published: August 15, 2015

Yesterday was unfortunately the last full day of Al-Waha. Today, even more unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to all the amazing villagers we’ve had this session. Although the majority of the villagers left on
the buses, there were still quite a few who attended the closing program with their families. The three remaining credit villagers put on a wonderful Sinbad skit for the parents, and then the two-week moghamarat
presented their projects. We had three videos projects, one project which involved making signs for the site, and one that involved making a bench. We also watched some of a video that one of the ikstishaf
(explorations) made, which was Mission Impossible themed. We’ve had some difficulties with one of the two-week video projects, so while I won’t be able to upload that today, keep checking in the next few days for
that video. In the meantime, please enjoy these videos.

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