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Meal Presentations

Published: July 29, 2015

At Al-Waha, we like to make a real show out of our meals. Before each meal, we present the food in a small skit, which of course is conducted in Arabic. Generally, counselors do the breakfast presentation, two week moghamarat (classes/adventures) do the lunch presentations, and credit moghamarat do the dinner presentation. Here are some samples.

Adventure Day Camp!

Published: July 27, 2015

Adventure Day Camp started today, and we welcomed a number of new villagers to Al-Waha! The villagers took part in activities, language learning games, and learned some of the mealtime songs that we sing daily here at Al-WaHa. We are so excited to have the day villagers here, spending time with us and getting a taste of what life here at Al-WaHa is like!

The End of Week 1

Published: July 27, 2015

Saturday morning we said farewell to our one week villagers. Our four-week and two-week villagers have been continuing to enjoy their small learning groups and their exploration activities.

Beach Day

Published: July 27, 2015

Sunday was a wonderful day filled with action. Al-Waha took a break from its typical schedule to relax a little this Sunday (don’t worry, much learning still occured).


Published: July 26, 2015

On Friday, we celebrated the (fake) wedding of two of our villagers, Zubair and Naima. Mabrouk!!! During breakfast, the two met each other for the first time, although Naima didn’t think much of Zubair at the time. Fortunately, by lunch, she began to appreciate him, and by dinner, the two were ready to marry. Afterwards, we had a big dance to celebrate the happy occasion. However, there was a cloud to this silver lining. Friday was the last full day for our one weekers, so the party served as both a farewell dance and a wedding reception.

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