Spanish Adult Virtual Discussion Circle | Concordia Language Villages

El Lago del Bosque Virtual Discussion Circle | Ages 18+

​Spanish Adult Virtual Discussion Circles offer a more relaxed language and cultural experience in a real-time interactive small group setting. You will take a cultural and linguistic journey through food, stories, historical recordings and so much more — all designed to increase your Spanish skills. Asynchronous activities for you to complete at home will be provided to extend learning.

Grupo de Discusión

Grupo de Discusión — an adult Virtual Village Discussion Circle — offers conversations about authentic cultural themes from the Spanish-speaking world. Each week we will explore a different theme such as Los desaparecidos of Argentina, narcocultura, cinema, music, politics, gastronomía, etc.

Themes not only change from week-to-week but also session-to-session. Grupo de Discusión is intended for intermediate to advanced speakers of Spanish (B2-C2 of the European Framework).

Staff to villager ratio of 1:8, on average. Sessions meet Sundays from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Central over Zoom.


Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.