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Spanish Residential Adult Specialty Programs

Considering the presence of Spanish in so many aspects of society in the United States, and in response to frequent requests from our stakeholders, we have developed two Specialty Programs specifically targeting those who would benefit from increasing their Spanish language and cultural competencies for professional endeavors.

  • Spanish for Professionals
    This weekend is a condensed course to help you use Spanish on Monday morning in your respective fields. Language classes will be taught by language level, but simulations are developed for individual professions such as engineers, law enforcement, teachers, government or business. This program is for beginner-intermediate levels. (All are stand-alone; Beginner-Intermediate)
  • Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
    This program is just as intense as its in-person counterpart and focuses on both Spanish language skills and cultural competency for medical service providers. Live simulated patient/client interactions are part of the program in the Telehealth model. You will have lots of practice and we will tailor the simulated patient/client scenarios to your specific medical field of expertise. (All are stand-alone; Beginner-Intermediate)


Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.