What You’ll Learn

Language learning at El Lago del Bosque.

With individual courses targeted at the language skill level of the respective group of learners, each participant has the opportunity to learn and excel at their own pace, no matter how much or little previous language study you have experienced before.  Our Language Immersion programs are language and culture intensive, featuring a rich array of language study, engaging cultural activities and presentations, authentic music, games, sports, arts and crafts of the nations where these languages are spoken. A talented, experienced and motivated staff provides expert instruction in group settings catered specifically to participants’ language abilities from beginners to native fluency.  You will definitely progress in your language learning journey. 

In either our week or weekend programs, you will participate in several language classes each day, you will experience presentations on culture and history, and enjoy a variety of musical experiences. Beginning learners will appreciate our friendly, activities-based approach to helping you communicate in the target language. Advanced learners benefit from the chance to practice their language through a variety of situated learning scenarios with fellow learners and our instructors.  They will value the opportunity to delve into topics of personal interest within the context of the program.

From competency testing in our immersion courses targeting specific groups for professional development, we know that pre- and post-tests indicate a progression of two levels on an eleven point oral proficiency scale after immersing themselves in a Language Villages program for a 2-week period.