Language Training Center Virtual Programs

Concordia College is one of nine Language Training Centers (LTC) across the country funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office and administered by the Institute of International Education.

The LTC at Concordia was established in 2016 through collaboration between the National Guard and Concordia Language Villages. Since partnering with the Air Force and the Defense Language Institute, LTC offerings have expanded to include short residential iso-immersion sessions in the following critical languages: Arabic (Levantine, MSA, Egyptian), Chinese/Mandarin, French, Hebrew, Korean, Persian/Farsi, Russian and Spanish. 

As of 2020, Concordia's LTC has expanded into virtual programming in these same critical languages to offer courses in Arabic, Korean, Persian/Farsi, Hebrew, Chinese, French and Russian.

LTC Program Dates

Like in our residential programs, online training experiences offered through the virtual Language Training Center from Concordia are designed to be meaningful, authentic and relevant. Participants will investigate, explain and reflect on cultural perspectives across content areas including history, politics, economics, religion, science, philosophy and the arts, with the goal of deepening their understanding of core values and perspectives in the target culture. Courses are designed to target students who have tested at the 1+ to 3 range on the ILR scale. Participants sharpen their command of grammar and vocabulary while using the language to solve problems, create, analyze, discuss and make connections. The course comprises 10-20 intensive (six hour) training days, Monday through Friday, for a total of 30 training hours per week consisting of 2/3 synchronous and 1/3 asynchronous activities. These hours include classes with up to three students, independent study and activities with the entire cohort.

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These immersion training courses are only available to individuals associated with the United States Department of Defense. In order to request training seats in the courses listed above, please fill out the training seat request form.

Iso-Immersion and in-residence information can be found on our LTC residential program pages.