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Testimonials from Previous LTC Clients

‚ÄčAs an organization that strives to be learner-centered and always looking to improve, we always seek input from participants and take learner feedback seriously. Combined with the excellent growth we have seen comparing before and after proficiency scores, we are pleased to be able to share the following quotes from LTC participant evaluations:

"I loved the variety of activities!  Scenarios, current events, listening, reading, speaking.  I enjoyed that we moved to different rooms throughout the day. I really liked it." - Arabic LTC student evaluation comment

"By far the best training I have attended. I felt as immersed here as I have felt when working with someone 1-on-1 in-country." - French LTC student evaluation comment

"It was a wonderful experience. Better than any other immersion program I have taken outside of actually going to the target country." - Portuguese LTC student evaluation comment

"My French has gotten better in every single aspect. I can do my job 10x better because of this course." - French LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"I did not feel the stress of just drilling on vocabulary, I was not so much worried about "getting homework done" but I focused on what I was learning and using it and it was an excellent experience." - Russian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"Almost all of my time outside of class was interacting with Russian speakers and so it was like stepping outside of Russia when we had 'weekend' days in town and I was in the habit and listening to and speaking Russian and had to actually "switch to speaking and thinking in English" when we were in town." - Russian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"I usually like structured learning, focusing on vocab and grammar, but this course helped me realize that I can learn just as much, if not more, in different ways." - Russian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"I liked the speaking meals. because we talked about stuff relevant to our life. Too often as DoD Linguists we only talk about politics and complex, professional stuff. We are missing simple words for everyday conversation." - Russian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"It will help me speak more fluently and confidently and has greatly improved my listening which is very important in my line of work." - Farsi LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"It was a fast-paced course that packed on a lot of information in a short period of time, but the results are more than noticeable." - Spanish LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"My favorite activities were team-building functions we did, such as playing hockey in the street, playing archery tag in the gym, or playing games in the basement. I found that these were enjoyable ways to use the language in different and creative ways." -Arabic Levantine LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"[The course] will help significantly with my upcoming DLPT, possible DLPT's in other dialects, my overall language ability and future deployments." - Arabic MSA LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"It's a good exercise in quick thinking and forming one's own opinion in a secondary language. That aspect is interesting and a good step in further language mastery." -Arabic MSA LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"It was great - difficult, but rewarding. This course felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so glad I was able to attend. It was very well put together and will most definitely hold a special place in my memory! I will be recommending it to my leadership back at my squadron so others may benefit from future courses!" -Arabic MSA LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"I have more confidence and will not shy away from social functions in my target language." -Spanish LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"I feel that this one of the most helpful courses I have attended since DLI." -Spanish LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"Coming to [to Concordia Language Villages] has increased my confidence in speaking Chinese--while somehow simultaneously it has made me realize that there is SO much more Chinese that I still don't know and can't confidently speak." - Chinese LTC student evaluation comment 2019

"The experience was excellent. Being here in the winter and being surrounded by snow was great for isolation immersion. It also gave me a chance to experience activities that I normally don't do (not from a snowy state). Having the cabins close to the training center was very helpful in case we did forget anything, or if we needed to change after exercising in the snow (i.e. skiing). And it was nice that there was a place (the gym) to go running/workout since the time of year was not conducive to running outside."- Arabic Egyptian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"I enjoyed every single activity here, including activities that I normally have no interest in such as art programs. The exciting part about them was the use of the target language, intertwined with the cultural aspect, and the slightly relaxed nature of the activities themselves. The activities outside were a great way to take a slight mental break while still speaking and thinking in the target language." - Arabic Egyptian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"The flow was amazing. The day is twice as long as at home but feels twice as fast. Wish I could spend more time here." - Arabic Egyptian LTC 2020

"They taught me how to better workaround words that I might not know to get my point across, taught me new words, and gave me more overall confidence in the language that I otherwise might not have obtained." - Arabic Egyptian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"This program has given me the space to make as many mistakes as possible and learn from them. The constant speaking and pronunciation practice has allowed me to produce the target language. And that ability to produce it has cemented the target language in my brain." - Arabic Egyptian LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"I will definitely recommend the course to others and to leadership. I have taken many language courses in the past and despite that, I learned a lot of new topics and skills from this course." - Korean Virtual LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"[It] kept me active with language when I otherwise would not have been motivated to dedicate as much time to the task. I definitely spoke more Korean than I ever feel inclined to do so. I think it will absolutely help my ability to communicate verbally. It also forced me to type more in Korean and I don't do that often." - Korean Virtual LTC student evaluation comment 2020

"In reference to engagement in activities...It taught me that some of the more popular educational theories of today - the elimination of homework, incorporation of pre-reading, and independent study - actually can be effective if utilized correctly."   - Korean virtual LTC student evaluation comment 2020

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2017 Russian LTC Program participants.