Testimonials from Previous LTC Clients

As an organization that strives to be learner-centered and always looking to improve, we always seek input from participants and take learner feedback seriously. Combined with the excellent growth we have seen comparing before and after proficiency scores, we are pleased to be able to share the following quotes from LTC participant evaluations:

"I loved the variety of activities!  Scenarios, current events, listening, reading, speaking.  I enjoyed that we moved to different rooms throughout the day. I really liked it." 
(Arabic LTC student evaluation comment)

"By far the best training I have attended. I felt as immersed here as I have felt when working with someone 1-on-1 in-country." 
(French LTC student evaluation comment).  

"It was a wonderful experience. Better than any other immersion program I have taken outside of actually going to the target country."
(Portuguese LTC student evaluation comment)