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Customized Domestic Residential Iso-Immersion Experiences

Concordia Language Villages implements effective, well-rounded programs for language learners of all skill levels. Our focus on interpersonal and cultural competencies builds courage and confidence in language learners. We integrate situational learning opportunities to meet your specific training needs. We engage learners by establishing an authentic learning community. We prepare learners to apply language in real-life situations.

Let us support your specific language training needs through an accelerated learning program in a residential iso-immersion environment implemented away from the distractions of everyday life. Customized programs will be developed in collaboration with the respective client. Considering specific needs and/or situational scenarios, the curriculum will be developed based on pre-program consultation to optimize specific skill development expectations and outcome goals for the group of learners.

Programs are available in Arabic (MSA, Levantine, Egyptian), Chinese (Mandarin), French, Hebrew, Korean, Pashto, Persian/Farsi, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We invite collaborative arrangements to provide similar experiences in other languages as well.

Testimonials from Previous Government Clients

“I personally was extremely pleased with the reports I got back from my soldiers. Based on the cost of the program itself and the transportation cost, it was fiscally one of the best immersion training trips I am aware of in the Battalion.”

“Here are the final testing results for the USAJFKSWCS students who attended the (Arabic and Russian) Concordia program. They are superb. In fact, the Arabic 2+ scores are the first that have ever been received for students in the ILC program. This is the data that I needed to justify the continuation of your immersion program to our Command.”

“The biggest surprise was the (instructional) staff’s ability to add to each simulation the desires of the company–that flexibility was crucial to the development of each soldier–in French and in their job.”

Customized Experience Outcomes

Of the 130 LTC trainees tested during the 2019-20 academic year, 54% showed measurable improvement on the Oral Proficiency Interview of at least one ACTFL sub-level by the end of the immersion experience.