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Language Training Center: Courses for College Credit

The information provided on this page is specifically for participants interested in receiving Concordia College undergraduate credit for courses offered by the Language Training Center.

The Concordia Language Training Center provides language and culture immersion programming exclusively for personnel within the U.S. Department of Defense. In the LTC program, students develop a greater understanding of global political, social, economic and environmental issues through intensive study of authentic target language materials. Through projects, papers, presentations and opportunities to collaborate with first-language speakers, participants develop intercultural communicative competence and target-language proficiency.

In addition to obtaining a certificate for training hours completed through a Concordia LTC session, students may register separately to earn either 3 or 4 Concordia College credits. These credits carry an additional fee and require submission of additional written work in the target language while enrolled in the course. Written work includes three or four short (two pages) polished discussions of topics studied in the course, and regular, less formal reflections on your cultural learning.

See the table below for details.

  3 credits 4 credits
Two-week programs  
Three- and four-week programs
Number of Global Issue papers 3 4
Cultural Reflections
OPIc pre- and post-test
Estimated time investment to
complete additional work
6-8 hours 8-10 hours


During registration, you will complete a short form to indicate the course you would like to take for credit and the dates when you plan to attend the Language Training Center. Following registration, your Concordia College credentials will be emailed to you. Your credentials are necessary to request your transcript once the course is complete.

Select the number of credits you are interested in:
*The seat time is the same, only course assignments differ between the three and four credit options.

3 Undergraduate College Credits | $375
4 Undergraduate College Credits | $500


Please direct any questions about these options to:

Sara Nimis | Associate Director for Program