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Government Training

Concordia Language Training Center (LTC)

Korean drumming activity.

"This was a wonderful opportunity which provided a tremendous opportunity for growth in the target language." (Korean LTC student evaluation comment)

Concordia College has been designated as one of nine Language Training Centers across the country by the United States Department of Defense.  The Language Training Center program is an initiative funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office and administered by the Institute of International Education. Concordia’s LTC  is established through a partnership with a number of entities, including the National Guard, and USACAPOC and will be implemented via Concordia Language Villages at its iso-immersion environment on the Bemidji, Minn. campus.  

Customized Government Training

All branches of the US and state governments face a growing need for employees to function in a globalized environment, dealing with colleagues, partners and clients domestically and around the globe with a variety of language and cultural backgrounds. For example, through its focus on building LREC skills, the U.S. Department of Defense recognizes that a blend of world language and cultural competencies along with knowledge and understanding of a related region is required in order to build meaningful and impactful relationships.

Concordia Language Villages is uniquely situated to provide such training. With its almost 60-year history, it has built an internationally acclaimed reputation in providing effective, intense language and cultural immersion programs for all ages and language proficiencies. Alumni have influenced and shaped educational institutions, government services, the non-profit sector and private industry at home and around the world. The unique residential iso-immersion setting along with our distinctive methodology provide for an effective environment for accelerated learning. 

"They individually tailored the lessons to my interests and abilities. They were excellent. They motivated us to learn without being overbearing." 
(Chinese LTC student evaluation comment)