Finnish Virtual Adult Class | Concordia Language Villages

Finnish Adult Class | Ages 18+

Join our staff on a Finnish cultural and linguistic journey! Our Finnish Virtual Adult Class offers a real-time interactive small group setting for adults 18 and older looking to strengthen their language skills. Asynchronous activities for villagers to complete at home will be provided to extend learning. 

Intended for Beginner (A1-A2) language learners. Staff to villager ratio of 1:8, on average. Sessions meet once per week for 75 minutes over Zoom. We will be using the Suomen mestari 1 (uudistettu—revised edition) textbook. Order a hard copy from Amazon or an electronic version from Finn Lectura. This class is intended for both true beginners and later beginners. We will start by learning the basics of Finnish pronunciation and simple conversation, and then branch out into creating with the language in cultural and practical contexts by conjugating verbs and declining nouns as we learn the rules of sentence formation. 

Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.


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