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Finnish Adult Virtual Village

Join us for our Finnish Adult Virtual Village sessions, providing language instruction and conversation practice while learning about Finnish culture. Villagers 18+ come together to experience small group discussions and one-on-one learning creating global connections and lifetime memories.


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Meet our Staff

Tiina Watts, Adult Program Lead Teacher

Headshot of Tiina Watts - Finnish adult program lead teacher.

Tiina Watts has been teaching Finnish at Salolampi Adult Weeks and Family Fun Weekends since 2003. Her seven children and her husband, Ed, have all attended many family weekend programs, and five of her children have been to summer youth programs. Salolampi is a magical place for the whole Watts family.

Tiina’s background with Finland started with her Finnish mother, Lea Antsola Mahoney, who taught her Finnish songs and culture, but unfortunately not how to speak her mother tongue. Tiina had the chance to learn it later as a teenager living in Helsinki for three years with her family and then as a missionary for her church for a year and a half in the ’80s. Tiina also spent a summer in Finland working at the Alvar Aalto museum and the Jyväskylä library. She loves the Finnish language and especially its grammar. Her main goal as a Finnish teacher is to help others love the language, too, in spite of its intricacies and all the crazy stems and endings and exceptions! The beautiful, complicated, fascinating, soft-spoken language reminds her of the Finnish people and the Finnish landscape.

Tiina’s other passion is Finnish music; she plays guitar and piano and loves singing. Singing is a great way to learn pronunciation, vocabulary, useful phrases and grammar. Tiina’s language lessons are full of singing, movement, games, interaction, speaking, listening, writing activities, grammar and lots of variety.

Tiina has a master's degree in Second Language Teaching from Brigham Young University (BYU) and works as a Finnish instructor and Scandinavian Languages Coordinator at BYU. As the director of Salolampi adult weeks, her main goal is to improve the language curriculum and teaching at Salolampi. In addition to making sure adult weeks always have great instructors, Tiina is committed to bringing the best cultural presenters, crafters and musicians in the state, and in the country, to Salolampi adult weeks. Tulkaa katsomaan ja oppimaan!