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Looking for more ways to promote language, culture and global citizenship in your classroom? We’ve created a series of free, downloadable posters for your classrooms. If you'd like to be notified as new posters become available, please subscribe to our Language Educator Resources E-Mail List

Downloadable Posters (PDF)

#LiveTheLanguage Why Learn Posters

**For optimal quality, print on 11"x17" paper

Why Learn Arabic?
Why Learn Chinese?
Why Learn Danish?
Why Learn Finnish?
Why Learn French?
Why Learn German?
Why Learn Italian
Why Learn Japanese?
Why Learn Korean?
Why Learn Norwegian?
Why Learn Portuguese?
Why Learn Russian?
Why Learn Spanish?
Why Learn Swedish?
Why Learn Another Language?

Did You Know...?

Classroom Poster


Spanish –, via and Instituto Cervantes, via
French – Interesting Facts About the French Language
German – 9 Surprising Facts About the German Language , and 30 Interesting Facts about Germany
Chinese – 30 Cool Facts About China
Arabic – 8 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Arabic
Russian – Russia Facts for Kids
Japanese – Facts About the Japanese Language
Italian – 21 Mildly Interesting Facts About the Italian Language


Benefits of Learning Another Language 

Classroom Poster
1. Viorica Marian – The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual 
2. Andrea Stocco – Bilingual brain training: A neurobiological framework of how bilingual experience improves executive function 
3. Peter A. Eddy – The Effect of Foreign Language Study in High School on Verbal Ability as Measured by the Scholastic Aptitude Test-Verbal
4. Bloomberg Institute 
7. Eton Institute
8. Kaplan International


10 Ways to Live the Language Outside of the Classroom

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