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Looking for more ways to promote language, culture and global citizenship in your classroom? We’ve created a series of free, downloadable posters for your classrooms. If you'd like to be notified as new posters become available, please subscribe to our Language Educator Resources E-Mail List

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#LiveTheLanguage Why Learn Posters

**For optimal quality, print on 11"x17" paper


All the Places You'll Go!

Classroom Poster
1. College –,
2. Career –, and
3. Travel and Study Abroad –
4. Worldview –



Learn a Critical Language!

Classroom Poster
4. Johnson: What is a foreign language worth? The Economist,
5. Learning languages 'boosts brain'.
6. The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual. Cerebrum. 2012 Sep-Oct; 2012: 13.
7. New American Economy, Not Lost in Translation: The Growing Importance of Foreign Language Skills in the U.S. Job Market, March 2017, p.2.
Did You Know...?
Classroom Poster
Spanish –, via and Instituto Cervantes, via
French – Interesting Facts About the French Language
German – 9 Surprising Facts About the German Language , and 30 Interesting Facts about Germany
Chinese – 30 Cool Facts About China
Arabic – 8 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Arabic
Russian – Russia Facts for Kids
Japanese – Facts About the Japanese Language
Italian – 21 Mildly Interesting Facts About the Italian Language
Benefits of Learning Another Language 
Classroom Poster
1. Viorica Marian – The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual 
2. Andrea Stocco – Bilingual brain training: A neurobiological framework of how bilingual experience improves executive function 
3. Peter A. Eddy – The Effect of Foreign Language Study in High School on Verbal Ability as Measured by the Scholastic Aptitude Test-Verbal
4. Bloomberg Institute 
7. Eton Institute
8. Kaplan International



10 Ways to Live the Language Outside of the Classroom

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