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Classroom Activities

​What Did They Say?

An interesting photo can generate rich discussions in the target language and can set the context for a day’s lesson. Students can work individually at the start of class to create amusing captions for the photos. What might the people be thinking? What might they say given the situation? What would you say in the same situation?

What Do You See?

Below, you will find a number of additional images you can use with the “What Do You See?” activity:

The following links also provide other great photos from around the world that your class can use as conversation starters:

BBC - News in Pictures

National Geographic - People and Culture

National Geographic - Travel

National Geographic - Adventure and Exploration

What Time is It?

Using the international time zone map is a fun way to practice telling time. The map allows you to connect time to different places around the world and then discuss with your students what people living in those places typically do at those times.