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Can-Do Statements

To help students understand the dimensions of each level of proficiency, there are “can-do” statements for each mode of communication. These can-do statements help students understand the types of tasks they must accomplish to be proficient at the various levels. The lists are not exhaustive. We recommend that students add other statements that reflect their learning and also fit the profile of the sample tasks at each level.

The Can-do Statements are divided into the three Communication Modes:

Interpersonal - Conversation
Interpretive - Listening and Reading
Presentational - Writing and Speaking for an audience

Within each Communication Mode, sample “can-do” statements are listed for the four levels of proficiency on the Global Self-Assessment Grid: Surviving, Exploring, Engaging, Established.

Interpersonal Can-do Statements - Conversation
Interpretive Can-do Statements - Listening
Interpretive Can-do Statements - Reading
Presentational Can-do Statements - Speaking
Presentational Can-Do Statements - Writing