Reservations for Village Weekends

Registration and payment for individual students will take place after we have confirmed your class reservation for the date and session you request.

1. Request for Reservation

You may fill out the request for reservation online. Use this form to request a Village Weekends reservation for your class. Registration of students will take place after we have confirmed your reservation.  Fill out all information completely. 

In the spring, reservations will be accepted only for fall programs (October, November, December). Reservations will be accepted for later programs beginning on the third Thursday in September at 8 a.m. Your spaces will be held for three weeks after you submit the Request for Reservation form.
2. Confirmation of Reservation

After we receive the Request for Reservation form, we will fax or email a Confirmation of Reservation to your school, indicating which weekend (first choice or second choice) is available, the number of spaces that have been reserved and the deadline for receipt of student registrations and deposits which must be mailed to our Village Weekends office. Registration packets will be mailed to you upon confirmation of your Request for Reservation.

3. Registrations and Deposits

Registrations and deposits will not be accepted without a confirmed reservation unless there is unreserved space in the program.  Reservations will expire on the registration deadline date stated on your Confirmation of Reservation. Please do not collect money from your students until you receive the registration packets.


If you reserve in the spring for a fall program, a registration packet will be mailed to you by the beginning of the school year.  Otherwise, it will be mailed to you when we confirm to you that we've received your Request for Reservation. We must receive a completed registration form, health form and a $75 non-refundable deposit by the registration deadline to confirm your enrollment.


A nonrefundable deposit is required with each group registration. The balance of tuition and transportation payments due must be received in our office 30 days before the start of the program. Checks should be made payable to Concordia Language Villages and indicate students' names on the memo lines. Do not send cash.

Chaperones/Bus Drivers

Please provide us with name(s) and gender(s) of your chaperone(s) on the chaperone registration form.  In addition, please include bus drivers if they will be staying onsite.

Additions, Cancellations and Refunds

Please report registration changes in writing to the Village Weekends registration coordinator as soon as possible. Most programs have waiting lists of students who would like to attend.

Full payment should accompany the registration for villagers added fewer than 30 days before the program.

Additional participants must be approved by the Village Weekends office (Bemidji). Due to housing and transportation constraints, additional participants may not be accepted.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be reported to our Bemidji office by letter, e-mail, fax or phone. We will confirm with the Lead Teacher that the cancellation information was received. If we receive a cancellation:

  • 15 days or more before the start of a program: all payments, less the nonrefundable deposit, will be refunded. Notification of cancellation must be received by close of business (4:30 p.m. Central time).
  • 14 days or less before the program: no fees will be returned.

Weather-Related Cancellations
If Concordia Language Villages cancels the weekend program, all payments will be refunded. If a group decides on its own it is unable to attend due to weather, payment will be refunded, less the $75 deposits and up to 50 percent of the Concordia Language Villages’ charter transportation expenses.

Refunds will be processed within 4-6 weeks once issued. Unless otherwise specified, all refunds will be made payable and returned to the original source of payment.


Concordia Language Villages
Village Weekends Office