Chaperones for Village Weekends | Concordia Language Villages

Chaperones for Village Weekends

The Lead Teacher is our single point of contact for the school or district (if multiple schools are coordinating their trip). It is your responsibility as Lead Teacher to ensure that all materials are distributed, filled out and returned to us in a timely manner.

Any other adult accompanying the school group, except one-on-one student support staff, is considered a chaperone. Chaperones may be parents, teachers (excluding the Lead Teacher), teacher’s aides, Amity Scholars, student teachers, etc., who are accompanying the school group.

We welcome one-on-one student support staff who will enable their student to be successful during the whole program. Any such support staff will also need to turn in a Teacher/Chaperone Registration Form and Special Accommodations Form and indicate their role and the student they work within the “Other” section of the registration form.

Chaperone & Lead Teacher Requirements

School groups must provide their own chaperones for cabin supervision.  We will operate as most specialty academic programs in the Midwest region and thus will not have staff available to supervise cabins overnight.

For the 2021-2022 school year, residential Village Weekend participants will lodge and circulate in the program in cohorts of 10-15, groups of villagers with at least one chaperone.

Lead Teachers and chaperones will be housed in cabins with villagers and may be asked to assist with programming in order to ensure the continued safety of the villagers and the quality of the program during both long and short weekends.

For Village Weekend programs, the Lead Teacher is not considered a chaperone and is responsible for bringing enough adults to supervise students during program activities and overnight in the cabins.

Adults accompanying the group according to the ratio schedules below attend at no charge (including transportation). Because of the immersive, child-centered nature of our immersion programs, we cannot allow additional chaperones beyond the requirements. Special circumstances may be discussed with the individual program leaders. Should additional chaperones be accepted, each additional chaperone may be assessed a fee based on the length of the program they will be attending.

Lead Teachers and chaperones alike have a supervisory role during the weekend. All chaperones will stay in cabins with students unless moved to other housing by the program leader. The Lead Teacher will be housed with students as necessary and determined by the individual program leader.

Please provide us with the name(s) and gender(s) of your chaperone(s) on the school registration form. In addition, please include bus drivers if they will be staying on-site. We require a chaperone registration form and special accommodations form for every adult that will be accompanying your students.

Chaperone Ratio required for all programs

The table below presents the student: chaperone ratio required for all programs.

Total male students Total male chaperones Total female students Total female chaperones Total students Total chaperones
1-10 1 1-10 1 1-20 1-2
11-20 2 11-20 2 11-40 2-4
21-30 3 21-30 3 21-60 3-6