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Program Information for Village Weekends

Language classes experience an adventure to an “international” village during a weekend immersed in language and culture!

Village Weekends provide a fun and unique language and cultural immersion experience for students in grades 3-12 and their language teachers. These programs are designed to enhance lesson plans and language learning during the academic year. For 40 years, teachers from the Midwest region and from as far away as Florida and Washington have brought large and small groups of students to Village Weekends to enrich their students’ language learning.

Students’ understanding can improve dramatically during a Village Weekend and encourage their enthusiasm for language learning. Language and culture come to life through authentic games, arts, sports, traditions, music, food and native-speaking staff. Students have continuous opportunities to use their present language skills at any level and develop a higher level of proficiency during fast-moving, activity-filled weekends. Meals are culturally authentic and are often named in evaluations as one of the best parts of the program.

Teachers have the opportunity to communicate in their chosen language at a conversational level, exchange ideas with other language teachers, and learn how to integrate Village activities and games into their own classroom.

Immersion Themes

Every year, each Village Weekend has a new theme. It could be a famous person, a journey through a country or a special event. The theme remains the same for all the weekends of the school year.