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Village Field Trips

Village Field Trips are day and overnight programs designed for school groups to experience language and culture immersion outside of the classroom.

Days (grades K-12) are designed to engage and motivate learners in a celebratory theme while reinforcing social studies concepts.

Overnights (grades 6-12) offer a fun and interactive overview of the target culture that is appropriate for both language learners and social studies students.

Village Field Trip programs are primarily offered in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. World Language Field Trips (two or more
languages) and team-building field trips are also available for small groups of immersion school or home-schooled children.

Students learning Spanish through games and activities outdoors.


At our Turtle River Lake sites, villagers stay in comfortable, winterized cabins, arranged by gender and age. It is common for different school or rental groups to share the site.

Teachers are responsible for room assignments for overnight field trips since they know the students best.

Lead teachers and chaperones alike have a supervisory role during the field trip, and have the opportunity to observe our unique brand of immersion education in action. Teachers may also be incorporated into the program delivery. All chaperones will stay in cabins with students, unless moved to other housing by the program leader. The lead teacher will be housed with students as necessary and determined by the individual program leader.

Rates & Dates

PROGRAM COSTS (includes tuition, room and board) 2023 2024
Day field trip $45 $45
Overnight field trip $140 $140
Non-refundable Deposit $45 $45

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