Whether you encounter the Spanish language or Hispanic culture at work, are curious about the Spanish language, or hope to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, the intensive immersion environment at El Lago del Bosque will help you improve your Spanish language skills by expanding your vocabulary, improving your grammar and providing ample opportunities to practice conversational skills in real-life situations.

Not only that, but the high instructor to learner ratio, the fact that most instructors are native speakers, the focus on experiencing the culture and learning about cultural nuances, and the isolated setting away from distractions of daily life, all will help you focus on really, seriously and playfully learning grammar and vocabulary. Immersion at El Lago del Bosque is not only fun, creative, and engaging, it also helps you deepen your cross-cultural awareness and understanding and respect for other people around the world, giving you the courage to actively use the language independently to build relationships, be they related to professional engagement or personal friendships.

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No matter your Spanish language level when you arrive, our staff will work with you to help you improve your skills. Everyone will receive expert instruction in small and large group settings catered specifically to participants’ language abilities.

This session is a culture and language immersion program so aside from the richness in language instruction you will receive, you will also deepen your knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures. You will live different aspects of Hispanic culture while you are with us through our outstanding food, cultural talks and activities—some of which you would likely only experience abroad. Our program is unlike any other!

Specialty Programs

Considering the presence of Spanish in so many aspects of society in the United States at this point, and in response to frequent requests from our stakeholders, we have developed two Specialty Programs specifically targeting those who would benefit from increasing their Spanish language and cultural competencies for professional endeavors.

  • Spanish for Professionals
    This four-day (plus travel days) immersion course Spanish for Professionals has been designed for those in the workforce whose ability to perform more effectively, more efficiently, and more independently in their work is dependent on being able to interact in Spanish and understand how Hispanic cultural norms and nuances influence and impact such interactions. This might be the case for social workers, police offers and other emergency response personnel, human resource professionals, clergy, insurance agents, professionals in legal work, just to name a few. Attending this course will allow you to apply your language and cultural skills in a variety of simulated situations and experiences, in a very safe learning environment, supported by staff who all have "been there" and have experience interfacing with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. You will build your courage and confidence in working with speakers of Spanish. You will learn language and cultural skills important to your success in professional interactions. You can earn up to 50 clock hours or professional development through this course.  
  • Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
    This two-day (plus travel days) immersion course Spanish for Healthcare Professionals has been designed specifically for professionals in healthcare settings, such as doctors, (general, family, ER, etc.), nurses, dentists and chiropractors. Whether you work with colleagues, patients, or other stakeholders whose first language is Spanish, this course will help you improve your language skills (especially novice and intermediate learners), provide relevant Hispanic cultural information (such as, but not limited to, the role of family, non-allopathic therapies, the role of religion, etc.) to improve your interface with patients of Hispanic backgrounds. Classwork and related presentations/discussions will focus on patient intake, case history, patient interviews and communications, physical examinations and diagnosis. It is an intensive learner-centered language course that aims to appeal to a variety of learning styles. You can earn up to 32 clock-hours of professional development credit through successful completion of this course.


Our Spanish adult programs take place at our Turtle River Lake site near Bemidji, Minn. 

Meet the Program Leader

Kirsten Salomé/Cristina Addison is dean of Mar e Floresta, the Portuguese Language Village, and El Lago del Bosque, the Spanish Language Village. Kirsten has been staff at Concordia Language Villages for over 25 years. Fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese, she graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Western Ontario and studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain and the University of Lisbon in Portugal.