Virtual Villages

Concordia Language Villages is excited to offer participants new opportunities to begin or continue their adventure in language and cultural learning! Villagers ages 18+ can join one or more online Virtual Village sessions – beginning to advanced language learners welcome! Experience fun, interactive language learning and cultural activities - all from home. The four precepts of the CLVway will continue to be the backbone of your immersion experience. It's REAL language, REAL culture and REAL people. Whether online or in northern Minnesota, Concordia Language Villages is committed to inspiring courageous global citizens. Join us!

Norwegian Class

Virtual Village Classes offer a real-time interactive small group setting for language and cultural learning for villagers 18 and older. These hands-on experiences follow a roadmap for twelve weeks and take villagers on a journey to increased language proficiency.

Beginners and elementary level villagers will follow the På Vei textbook. This is the primary Norwegian language textbook used for teaching new immigrants and students in Norway. The latest edition has beautiful pictures and graphics that will be used as a jumping-off point for discussions about language and culture. There are also updated dialogues that better reflect the people, culture and workforce in Norway.

Intermediate students will follow the latest edition of Stein på Stein. This book follows På Vei and continues to expand on cultural, social and historical topics that are important to understanding both Norway and Norwegian. The Intermediate 1 group will start at the beginning of Stein på Stein, while the Intermediate 2 group will start in the middle.

Asynchronous activities for villagers to complete at home will be provided to extend learning.

We are currently offering beginning through intermediate Norwegian, but look forward to expanding into higher levels over time. Please sign up for the class that best fits your level.  If you are unsure of your level, feel free to email to determine which class will be best for you. Sessions meet twice per week for 60 minutes over Zoom; schedules are determined by each Virtual Village Class.

European Framework Assessment Levels

Some complex global topics of cultural relevance may be discussed in English with references to target-language culture(s).

Download Why Learn Norwegian? Poster Here

Concordia Language Villages reserves the right to consolidate or cancel sessions that are below minimum enrollment levels.