Nordic Cool: Outdoor Adventure Weekend

Join us for the Inaugural Nordic Cool Outdoor Adventure Weekend. If there is one thing that the Nordic countries are known for, it is their love of the outdoors! Beginning on Friday evening, participants will begin preparing themselves for the expedition on the following day by packing our gear and identifying what additional training is needed for a successful adventure. That training will then be covered through workshops on Saturday morning before we head out for an overnight trip. The team will experience the nature of our beautiful site up close. Carrying everything we need on our backs, we will navigate the trail, build a shelter, and prepare our evening meal together out under the open sky.

And this won’t be just any old campfire meal! Participants will learn how to make two quality meals over an open fire. In addition, participants will enjoy three authentic Nordic meals prepared by the Concordia Language Village culinary masters as well as some tasty treats.

This is the perfect chance to test out your gear in the field while experiencing an adventure close to home. Keep in mind that the Nordic countries really embrace nature and the expedition will take place rain or shine! As they say in Norway, there’s no such thing as bad weather… only bad clothing!

At the end of the weekend, everyone will leave with wonderful memories and many new-found friends plus a piece of gear to help them on their next adventure.

Nordic Cool: Holiday Weekend

Join us for our Nordic Holiday Weekend. For one weekend in December, Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village, will transform into your holiday paradise.  From the evening of Friday, December 13 to midday Sunday, December 15, participants will be baking and crafting to their hearts content.  Holiday traditions and recipes from the entire Nordic world will be featured during this workshop.

Between baking, you will enjoy the delicious meals prepared by the Concordia Language Villages culinary masters, you can enjoy your stay at Skogfjorden by sitting around the bål in Gimle with a sumptuous mug of warm gløgg or visiting "Shop The World" in Utgard where all the village stores will be set up for your gift-giving needs.

Everyone will leave the weekend with a tray full of goodies, a collection of recipes, a little bit of new language learning, hand-made crafts plus the inspiration to make more, and a happy heart!