If you’re 18 years or older and want to sharpen your Italian or just stretch your mind, our adult programs at Lago del Bosco are perfect for you. We will help you improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, learn new conversational skills and broaden your knowledge of Italian culture.

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Our talented and motivated staff members provide expert instruction in small and large group settings catered specifically to your language abilities. They make sure sessions include ample opportunity for practicing your Italian as well as for meeting new people and having fun. While the adult sessions are carefully adapted to suit the ages of the participants, Italian adult weeks offer participants the same authentic menus as the summer sessions for young people — with an adult twist.


Residential Village
Italy Off-the-beaten-track Tour | June 13-23, 2023

Join Eric Dario Dregni, dean of our Italian Language Village, Lago del Bosco since 2007, in beautiful Italy. Relax on a boat tour in the romantic Lake District, and soak in the spas of San Pellegrino (yes, that San Pellegrino), then visit Bergamo on the way to settle into Brescia for a three-night stay. Here you will visit the Parco Delle Incisioni Rupestri a UNESCO World Heritage Site and explore some of the areas' most historical locations. Besides the lush nature, spend a day in Franciacorta where you'll enjoy one or two of the most renowned wineries in route to Modena to discover its treasures of Roman ruins, fast cars, and the home of Balsamic Vinegar. Finally, you'll lounge on the Italian Riviera in Genoa and swim in the sea near the dramatic Cinque Terre.

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